Dietary fiber in nuts and seeds –analytical data and comparisons


  • Desislava Gyurova Department”Analytical and laboratory activities”, National Center of Public Health and Analyses, 1431 Sofia, Bulgaria


nuts, seeds, dietary fiber, health benefits


A lot of data about dietary fiber content in nuts and seeds are obtained. Thus information fills the Tables for chemical composition of Bulgarian foods and is suitable foruse in compiling the nutrition information for different types of foods as well as dietetic practice for studying nutrition variety of special population groups in the development of diets for different purposes.

 Enzymatic-Gravimetric AOAC method 985.29 was used, which has a number of advantages such as accuracy, precision and speed of execution to help the analyst. The method provides a basis for the correct calculation of the energy value and in the determination of nutrition claims and can be used as an arbitration in research, control analyzes and for the purposes of food labeling.





Biochemistry and Biotechnology