Introducing of the indices ‘Clarc of energy distribution’ and ‘Clarc of protein transformation’ in silkworm production and methods of their calculation

Keywords: Clarc of energy distribution, Clarc of protein transformation, Index of effective shell ratio, silkworm production


The study aims to introduce three new universal (sectional, technological and environmental) indexes in the silkworm (Bombyx mory L.) biology and production – “Clarc of energy distribution” (CED), “Clarc of protein transformation” (CPT) and “Index of effective cocoon shell ratio” (IECSR), so as the methodology of their calculation. On base real experiments, the follow indexes were calculated: CED - 0.2090 (20.90%); CPT – 0.3248 (32.48%) and IECSR – 4.726%. For calculation of the new indexes could be used data from standard experimental methods and standard statistical programs.

Animal Sciences