Energy and protein net utilization in the chain "feed-meat" in rabbit’s fattening trough the introduction of the “Clarc energy distribution/Clarc protein transformation” system


  • Dimo Penkov Agricultural University, Department of Animal Husbandry, 12 D. Mendeleev Blv., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Svetlana Grigorova Institute of Animal Science, AA, 2232 Kostinbrod, sp. Pochivka, Bulgaria


Clarc of energy distribution, Clarc of protein transformation, rabbits fattening


Using specific original indexes “Clarc of energy/protein distribution/transformation” the energy and protein transformations in the eco-technical chain “fodder – pure meat (edible parts)” by 2-nd period of fattening of rabbits have been calculated. Data from real experiments with New Zealand white rabbits have been used. The following results have been reported: Clarc energy distribution (digestible energy in fodder – gross energy in meat) - 0.1877 or 18.77%; Clarc of protein transformation (crude protein in fodder – crude protein in meat) - 0.3818 or 38.18%. The proposed “Clarcs” can be used in at least 3 directions: Biological - for objective calculation of transformation of nutritional substances in the food pyramid; breeding - for selection of animals with higher levels of transformation of the food substances; technological - for search of technologies for optimization of transformation of nutritional substances in the food chain.






Animal Sciences