Inheritance of main quantitative traits in broad bean (Vicia faba L.)


  • Natalia Georgieva Department of Technology and Ecology of Forage Crops, Institute of Forage Crops, Pleven, Bulgaria
  • Valentin Kosev Department of Breeding and Seed Production of Forage Crops, Institute of Forage Crops, Pleven, Bulgaria


hybrids, broad bean, heterosis, quantitative traits, inheritance


The purpose of this study was to analyze the values of some genetic parameters of hybrid populations of Vicia faba, which would allow rational selection of desired genotypes in terms of main quantitative traits. The field trial was conducted during the period 2016-2018 at the Institute of Forage Crops (Pleven). Four cultivars (Fb 2481, BGE 002106, BGE 029055, BGE 032012) and their hybrids (Fb 2481 × BGE 002106, BGE 002106 × Fb 2481, BGE 029055 × BGE 032012, BGE 032012 × BGE 029055) were subjects of the study and their quantitative traits were observed in generations F1 and F2. Results showed that the plant height, seeds number and seed weight per plant in all crosses were inherited overdominantly. The alleles of the genes that determined more seeds per plant with an increased weight were dominant. The highest values of hypothetic and true heterosis in F1 were found in cross BGE 029055 × BGE 032012 regarding plant height (82.03%, 81.55%), in Fb 2481 × BGE 002106 – for 1st pod height (49.39%, 40.97%), in BGE 002106 × Fb 2481 – for pods number (36.05%, 32.95) and seed weight (225.47%, 161.36%), and in BGE 032012 × BGE 029055 – for seeds number per plant (117.77%, 96.89%). The coefficients of inheritance in all four crosses had medium to high values for the trait of seed weight per plant. 





Plant Sciences